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Ain’t a Rambler’s Life Fine: The South!
Hand-bound book with original block print covers; 188 pages, including 61 pages of B&W photographs. True tales of adventure around the South! Topics include the Okefenokee Swamp, Blue Ridge Parkway, Golden Isles of Georgia, Florida springs, Appalachian Trail, Charleston plantations, Savannah ghetto, folk art environments, martial arts tournaments, Gullah/Geechee people, Barbados-Carolina Connection and more! 


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Rambler's Life: The South Reloaded
Hand-bound book with original block-printed covers. 332 pages including 80 pages of B&W photographs. More true tales of adventure around the South! Topics include Cajun Country, Mississippi Delta, the Memphis and Birmingham hoods, Smoky Mountains, South Carolina's Swamp Fox Trail, sacred grottos and healing springs, gem mines, Indian mounds, cotton country, sharecroppers, snakes, moonshiners, spirit possession and more!


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The Life of Farmer Joe King: True Story of a Southern Icon
Sixty-page booklet with B&W photographs, plus full-color cover and centerfold. A sensational portrait of a tremendous man and his loving family. Topics include farming, sharecropping, amorous exploits, soul food, gospel, race relations, haints, demonic spirit possession and more—the real inside scoop on rural black America!

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#10 Terrence Brand 2014-06-03 17:15
Meeting Michelle and reading her books has not just figuratively, but literally really has changed my life. When I first met her I thought just a another spoiled "Abercrombie Kid" killing some time btw y I could not have been more wrong!! The passion she carries towards life, authenticity, and wisdom has blown me away!! Your first book has taken me on so many journeys and has really expanded my view of the world, other people, and myself. Ready to begin the second book soon, which I am really, really, really looking forward. Thanks for sharing your world,travels, and gifts Michelle and helping me in the process find mine!!!!
#9 Melissa iley 2014-03-21 19:33
I met Michele at Silver Glen Springs in Ocala Florida. She told me there was a squirrel eating our food at our picknic table and shure enough it was going to town on my hot dog buns. I'm glad it did because it gave me the opportunity to meet a very interesting person. Someone who lives life to the fullest having the opportunity to see all of the beauty this world has to offer.Michele made a lasting impression on me and I will always remember her friendly smile.
#8 WilsonSmith 2014-03-04 05:51
I love reading your posts. You know, a lot of people are hunting around for this great information; you could help them greatly by your post.
#7 Matt Love 2014-02-20 12:05
I came across Michele's book in Astoria, Oregon where I live, and was so struck by the presentation that I wrote down her info. Fantastic. Very impressive. Great writing. Lots of verve. The photos were incredible and really added to the effect of the writing. I am an author on the Oregon Coast who has a similar indie streak, and I could tell she had Pacific NW and ocean roots--it just oozed from the text, much like the punk rock ethos that informs Nestucca Spit Press. Very inspiring work. Michele is a road angel.
#6 Mr. Todd Bear 2014-01-24 18:20
It's not what we do while on this planet, it's what we leave behind. Michele has captured Life in many places and in many forms by LIVING. She has excellent writing skills that describe everything to the point that you can smell the smells and FEEL what's going on there. She brings a Mysterious World right into the lap of the reader. The historical and hysterical events she has captured will live on for many generations in awesome books that took much time and great effort!! What she does is hard, VERY hard, and that's why almost all other two-leggers that walk this planet can only talk about it or dream. She DOES it...and sometimes she has to dig deep for the Love when the Money isn't there. She has chosen to go against the grain of "the norm" and be different, but even through hard times she will continue to exist because she is a survivor. That smile is her heart telling the World "I'm Happy....BUY MY BOOK!" LOL She is on this planet to succeed and I believe what she is doing is a pure form of Happiness.
#5 Alyssa Bicoy 2014-01-19 13:54
This precious book has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. I keep it right by my computer and journal and drag it close repeatedly, in order to fish out smiles. The writing is at times brilliant, but mostly endearing and warm. Each adventure she partakes in and documents is referred to as a ‘ramble’, and I’ve always really enjoyed the term. What’s best is that Michele has become a friend. In a letter she sent from her sister’s house in Los Angeles, her words broke off candid and lively, just like in her stories. It gave me a sense of the way her heart works. It made me feel close to something special. But then again, she is special. She’s one of those rare flowers you come across there in the fleeting, and just have to stop and enjoy. She’s some sort of firecracker. Her soul is full of color and zest.
#4 Carolyn Males 2013-12-17 15:05
Open a book by Michele Roldán-Shaw and you’re off on a rollicking adventure full of offbeat places, fascinating characters, tidbits of oddball history, unusual experiences—all peppered with her unique sense of humor. No one looks at the world in quite the same way as Roldán-Shaw. Accompanying her on her literary rambles is not only great fun but also offers a whole new perspective on the South(and beyond) as seen through her eyes.
#3 Charles G. Witt 2013-10-01 12:51
I was first exposed to Michele's writing a few years ago from her display at Cahill's market, and have bought all of her zines and first book, reading them from cover to cover. Her writing is very comforting to me and I can relate to her observations. I also enjoy the outdoors; hiking, flora, fauna, kayaking and photographing. Her travel destinations and their descriptions make me want to seek these places out. In fact, this summer I finally went to Payne's Prairie, FL for a few days based on her story of it (even stopping at the yellow trailer fruit stand on the way and bought from the same lady). Paynes Prairie exceeded my expectations, thank you Michele.
#2 J. Taylor 2013-09-09 20:13
Naturalist, ethnographer, artist, dharma bum, word-smith, the order changes with the days observations and the realities that day to day reality emphasizes, Michele Roldán-Shaw is an original. The spirit of adventure pilots her body and soul on rambles, adventures even the occasional peregrinación. Her bravery and self sufficiency is only exceeded by her faith in human KIND and a world complexly beautiful and sustaining. What she has captured so far in words is substantial, deeply satisfying and heartening, what she is capable of and where it will take her is no-ones guess but intuition tells me how glad I am that she has anchored herself in this website so that we might follow her.
#1 Susan Kroll 2013-08-27 14:00
Fanfare for the Common Man has always been a favorite title for me. Most of us are common man, but look a little bit closer and we are each uncommon. This is Michele's gift to us in Farmer Joe. She captures the essential of this life, this man but also highlights the "common" which connects us intimately to him. When a friend saw the cover and asked "Is he a football star?" I laughed and said heck, no, he's a FARMER! This book is Fanfare for Farmer Joe!

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